Wed, 27 Feb 2013 04:00:00 GMT

Volkswagen XL1 to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

Remember the frugal concept car from Volkswagen that was exhibited at the 11th Auto Expo in New Delhi last year? If you have forgotten then let us remind of that fuel efficient wagon dubbed Volkswagen XL1 which has been tagged as ‘The most fuel efficient car in the World’.

Volkswagen XL1 to be unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show

A staggering fuel efficiency of 110 kmpl is what we are talking about here maing XL1 the ultra frugal car ever in the history of automotive industry across the globe. Interestingly, Volkswagen XL1 diesel hybrid will soon go into production and the prototype of the car will be showcased at the upcoming 2013 Geneva Motor Show.

Auto experts opine that the production of Volkswagen XL1 could begin in the second half of 2013. Volkswagen has emphasized on the fuel economy of the car and the engineers at VW’s R&D unit have worked meticulously to make sure that it turns out to be an extremely frugal vehicle. Volkswagen XL1 has a fuel consumption of 0.9/100 km which is commendable.

The two seater vehicle comes equipped with a hybrid system that can effortlessly cover a distance of 50 km when switched to electric mode and that to with no local emissions. We also have some trivia about XL1, the car has a low weight of 795 kg, an impeccable aerodynamics viz; Cd 0.189 and a low centre of gravity.

This enables the wagon to perform proficiently on road at a steady speed of 100 km/h using meagre 6.2 kW/8.4 PS. The car requires only 0.1 kWh to cover a distance of 1 km.

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