Wed, 15 Sep 2010 10:36:03 GMT

Tall boy slugfest: Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Wagon R shoot out

In today’s increasingly crowded world, the only way is up. We check out Hyundai and Maruti’s tall offerings.

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Tall boy slugfest; Hyundai i10 vs Maruti Wagon R shoot out

THERE'S A HISTORY here. A few moons ago, the original Wagon R and Santro were locked in a titanic tussle for supremacy in India's family car hatchery. Both evolved with styling updates, refreshed interiors and new engines. That was then.

Now in 2010, we have the all-new Wagon R that once again faces a traditional rival from Hyundai. The i10 is the spiritual successor of the Santro nee Atos, which it has replaced worldwide. On the other hand, Maruti persists with the Wagon R brand and it has good reason to do so. It is a brand that has endeared itself to lakhs of Indian family car buyers. Here, we'll evaluate the new Wagon R and pit it against its obvious rival. This is going to be a pitched battle.

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