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Porsche Boxster (2012 onwards)

This is the third-generation Porsche Boxster, and it is sensational.

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Porsche Boxster - 2012 onwards

Model: Porsche Boxster, (£37,589), Rs 32.89 lakhs (£49,186 - Rs 43.4 lakhs as tested)
Bodystyle: two-door, two-seat roadster
Engine: 2.7-litre flat-six, 265hp @ 6,700rpm, 206lb ft @ 4,500-6,500rpm
Transmission: six-speed manual, rear-wheel drive
Efficiency: (34.4mpg) 14 kmpl, 192g/km CO2
Performance: 5.8secs 0-62mph (0-99 kph), (164mph), 263 kph top speed

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