Fri, 30 Apr 2010 11:25:35 GMT

New BMW 5 Series launched: Five out of five?

BMW has launched the New 5 Series in India! The prices for the four new versions launched are 523i - Rs 38.9 lakh, 535i - Rs 58 lakh, 525d - Rs Rs 39.9 lakh, 530d - 45.9 lakh

Bijoy Kumar Y, Consulting editor, India Syndicate
Editor, BS Motoring

BMW 5 series: Five out of five?

All four models launched are on-sale right now. The 535i is a CBU, while the other three models are CKDs. The 523i and 525d come with 8 speed automatic gearboxes. The 530d and 535i come with 8 speed gearboxes with sport function paddle shifts. The 535i comes with a twin turbo petrol engine with a straight six, while the 523i comes with a straight six naturally aspirated petrol engine that makes 204 bhp. The 530d and 525d come with straight six diesel engines, the former making 245 bhp while the latter makes 204 bhp.

What is a perfect day in the life of a motoring journalist like? Well, you could wake up in a comfortable hotel next to the ocean, somewhere in Portugal. Then have an early breakfast and hit a twisty bit of road that borders the Atlantic in a brand-spanking-new car.

For example the new BMW 5 series. Once you have scared yourself silly by blasting across the landscape you could head towards the friendly neighbourhood racetrack with a bit of Formula One history. And then do some serious apex hunting in a car that is more talented than its driver ever could be. After that park the car and get ferried to a nice enough sea food restaurant and share the stories with likeminded journalists. Sounds like fun? Well, we call it work.

So how is the new 5 series, you ask? While the 3 series can be termed small and the 7 series tad too big, the 5 series represent the right size of automobile. No wonder then that, along with the E-Class Mercedes-Benz, the 5 series is one of the largest selling sport sedans in the whole world. In the Indian context the new 5 series is very important for BMW to continue its new found domination over the three-pointed star - more so since a new Mercedes-Benz E-Class is in the process of re-capturing the lost glory for its maker.

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