Mon, 28 Mar 2011 09:19:13 GMT | By Srishti Shinde, DNA-Daily News & Analysis

Colour you choose while buying a car reveals your personality

Youngsters prefer sporty reds or greens, perfectionists prefer white. Did you ever imagine a colour could tell so much?

Colour you choose while buying a car reveals your personality

When choosing the colour of your clothes, shoes, phone or your wall, you want a colour that will suit your personality. In fact, while shopping for something, we look for our favourite colour, isn't it? It is human tendency to ask the shopkeeper if he has other colours of something you have chosen. This funda also applies to the car you buy. The colour you choose for your car definitely says a lot about you. Read on to know more.

The most common impression that most people get when someone buys a white car is that he must be filthy rich. Isn't it? That can be true to some extent, since those who choose white as the colour of their car are very critical, choosy and demand perfection in life. However, for a normal middle class person, purchasing a white car is painstaking since scratches, marks and dents can be very easily visible on a white body.

"When I was buying a car, I wanted to choose a colour that reflects my personality and hence I bought this bright green hatchback. I am young, single and love partying and my car completely goes with my way of living. However, many of friends suggested that I settle for grey or white, but I refused since I don't want to look so matured or old so soon," said Rohan Naidu.

When Mihir Joshi thought of buying a car, what struck him first was the make and the colour. For him, his dream car was the one that would look stylish and sober, and it is usually difficult to get that kind of combination, especially when you are on a low budget.

"I wanted to buy a small car since I had a budget of just Rs 5 lakh, but the car had to look classy. Hence the choice was tough. Hence, inspite of many people suggesting that I buy red, I chose oyster grey. And guess what? I made the right choice. Today, whoever meets talks about how sober and stylish my car looks, moreover I have saved myself the bother of spending money to paper over scratches since the colour makes scratches and spots invisible," admitted Mihir.

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