When: April 2011
How much: Rs 4.2-5.5 lakh

The announcement of Toyota Etios Liva was made with great anxiousness from Toyota as this is the first time that Toyota Motors has pinned its hopes on a low-range model. However, the cost of this hatchback has been reduced with no compromise on safety or comfort. On stepping in to a new market, Toyota has to face some real experts like Maruti, Hyundai and Tata.

The Liva will be equipped with a 1.2 litre motor will be accompanied with four valves per cylinder for it to breathe better, but despite of all the efficient technology it ends up producing 80 bhp power, a modest figure for a hatchback but if we look at the proportion of power and weight, the Toyota Etios Liva will rule out major players in the segment. The effective weight of the car is 890 Kg and with that it will also assure easy to drive motor. The torque spread of the car is going to be a striking feature as in its saloon version which gives the car excellent linear power delivery.