Updated: Fri, 27 Sep 2013 09:45:00 GMT | By Steve Walker, content editor, MSN Cars, Ed Soluk
Financial disasters: the cars that lost a fortune

Europe's 10 biggest loss-making cars of the last 15 years

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Carmakers don’t make cars for fun, to keep the global oil industry ticking over or to save us from having to walk. Carmakers make cars to make money. That’s the plan but it’s not always how things work out, some cars fail to turn a profit, others are unmitigated, crushing financial disasters.

It’s these catastrophic automotive money pits we’re interested in here. New data from Bernstein Research has revealed Europe’s top 10 biggest loss-making cars of the last 15 years. Either directly or indirectly, profit was the overriding motive behind all of these models but every one of them has cost its manufacturer a packet to put on the road.

Click through the gallery for the European cars that cost their makers a fortune, in reverse order…