Updated: Thu, 14 Aug 2014 08:45:00 GMT | By Sean Carson, Motoring Research, Ed Soluk
Jaguar E-Type: a history in pictures

Jaguar E-Type is back with 'new' Lightweight

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Jaguar has unveiled a series of 'new' original Jaguar E-Types at the Pebble Beach Ccncours d'Elegance. These are the final six "missing" special E-Type Lightweight racing versions Jaguar didn’t get around ot completing in the 1960s, and each is on sale at a rumoured £1 million.

A total of 12 were built out of the 18 Jaguar originally scheduled to produce, featuring a lightweight aluminium chassis and a more powerful engine. The remaining six cars will now be finished at Jaguar’s Heritage Centre to complete the original line-up 50 years since the last Lightweight rolled out of the factory gates.

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