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Mercedes-Benz reveals all-new C-Class

Mercedes-Benz reveals all-new C-Class

Mercedes-Benz reveals all-new C-Class (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • Mercedes-Benz reveals all-new C-Class (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • What is the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • Can I have a taster of why the new Mercedes C-Class is so advanced? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • Is the new Mercedes C-Class built in a clever new way? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • What does the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class look like? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • What are the design features Mercedes-Benz is proud of? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • Does the new Mercedes-Benz C-Class offer a choice of front end design? (© Mercedes-Benz)
  • What’s the sporting alternative front end design? (© Mercedes-Benz)
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Mercedes-Benz has uncovered the new C-Class – a model aimed at toppling the all-conquering BMW 3 Series.

Benefitting from the full might of Mercedes’ technological arsenal, the new C-Class is the most advanced version yet by a clear margin… and in some respects, is the most sophisticated vehicle the junior executive class has ever seen, too.

It also takes on a sleek new look, owing plenty to the highly-praised new S-Class, while the interior offers, says Mercedes, an experience akin to stepping from economy class to business class on an aircraft.

Click on the image above to see more of Mercedes’ BMW 3 Series beater…