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The 10 most dangerous foods to eat behind the wheel

The top 10 killer in-car snacks

The 10 killer in-car snacks (© Action Press/Rex Features)
  • The 10 killer in-car snacks (© Action Press/Rex Features)
  • Chocolate (© Rex Features)
  • Soft drinks (© Isopix/Rex Features)
  • Doughnuts (© Bill Stevenson / Stock Connection/Rex Features)
  • Fried chicken (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Barbecued food (© ASSOCIATED PRESS)
  • Hamburgers (© Zazou/Rex Features)
  • Chili (© Dave King/Getty Images)
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The worst form of distraction for a driver isn’t yapping on their phone or replying to a text message apparently, but munching on a Big Mac or taking a swig of coffee.

Research carried out by the USA’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) revealed that those who eat and drive increase the odds of an accident by 80% and are involved in the majority of near-miss accidents.

In fact, the health-and-safety conscious NHTSA even went so far as to list the 10 most dangerous foods and drinks for a driver. Here they are – the foods that might be more than just a killer for your waistline.

Click on the image above to discover the 10 most lethal foods to eat while driving, in ascending order of dangerousness...