Updated: Wed, 06 Nov 2013 08:45:00 GMT | By Sean Carson, contributor, MSN Cars, Ed Soluk
World’s fastest Nissan GT-R hits 250mph (402kph)

What is the Switzer Nissan GT-R Goliath?

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Nissan wanted to make its GT-R supercar slayer ‘untunable’. It failed. Why? Because the super-tuning company Switzer has turned its attention to the four-wheel-drive Porsche-crusher (already a missile in standard form), taking the GT-R’s stock 550hp engine and tweaking it to produce 1,800hp.

Yes. One thousand, eight hundred horsepower. And that’s enough shove to make the ‘Goliath’ the fastest Nissan of its type on Earth. The firm set the world record for the quickest GT-R, hitting 250mph (402kph) over the standing mile (1.6 kms) in – wait for it – just 22.6 seconds. Wow…

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