Thu, 11 Aug 2011 04:42:38 GMT

Audi: The Astounding A8

When phenomenal styling and luxury are wedded to performance, the result is the Audi A8L 3.0 TDI. Here is the why and wherefore of it

Audi: The Astounding A8

Super luxury cars are mostly perceived as those that are driven by chauffeurs and not by their owners. Naturally, their development revolves round the rear passenger seat and utmost care is taken as regards the comfort of those who occupy that seat. But what if that extremely successful businessman also happens to be a youngster who craves for the kicks and thrill of driving fast and powerful cars without compromising either on the luxury or and status? Audi have the answer. The A8. In the 3.0 TDI version. A few months ago we drove the fantabulous A8 4.2 and described its excellence against the competition. This month, we bring you the A8 for the modern-day businessman, who loves to drive more than being driven around!

There is no gainsaying that Audi have raised the standard when it comes to styling. The Ingolstadt-based manufacturers have set a new benchmark that is years ahead of the times. The full LED headlamps that bear testimony to the fact that this car comes with the four-ring badge, the big, chrome-lined grille, the completely black top with a panoramic sunroof, broad shoulders and a sharp tail make for a design that will appeal to one and all. It has got enough aggression and a bold stance without taking anything away from its luxury saloon character.

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