911-ed: At the Porsche driving school

Coming down the home straight, sticking to the left, speedometer reading close to 130kmph, going deep into the corner all the way till the blue cone marks for entry point, I steer the wheel sharply to right. From here, it is a steep climb uphill; looking at the sky the car was climbing up on full throttle and as I reached the top. Then the track sharply turns towards the left leading to another right hander - this time, going down steeply. Coming down with the tail slightly out of line and sliding, I have to give a hint of countersteer to get it back on line, jump on to the gas, and exit the final right-hander of the entire complex.

It was like a dream come true. Ever since I can remember, I have wanted to drive the Corkscrew. Though this one was a replica of the real one, it gave me a hint of how much thrill the one at Laguna Seca must be offering. And could there be a better car to tackle your dream corner than in the legendary Porsche 911?